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Lake Elmo educators testify before state senate about BARR

Lake Elmo educators testify before state senate about BARR

Lake Elmo Elementary educators testified at the State Capitol about the importance of the BARR (Building Assets Reducing Risks) program. Lake Elmo is one of just two schools in the nation that implemented BARR at the elementary level.

Kelly Hoskins, fifth grade teacher and Co-BARR coordinator at Lake Elmo, as well as School Psychologist Kristin Arnt appeared before the Senate Education Committee. They spoke in support of a bill proposal that would fund BARR in 30 schools in Minnesota in order to expand this approach in our state.

BARR’s main premise is that teachers need to consider more than just a student’s academics. The BARR philosophy is to help identify students who are struggling inside or outside of the classroom, and then build a team of adults to come around them to help address the barrier so they can learn. It challenges the tradition of teachers working in silos with a specific group of students, and instead, has teachers work as a team to better address the needs of all of their students together.

More about the BARR program at Lake Elmo

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