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Mrs. Olson 2nd Grade Supply List

Mrs. Olson 2nd Grade Supply List
Mrs. Olson 2nd Grade Supply List



Every Child Needs: (be sure all student items are clearly labeled with the child's name!)


* OVER-THE-EAR HEADPHONES (No ear buds)-These are to be left at school. We’ll use them for FastBridge testing and regularly throughout the year.

*  large backpack (no wheels; big enough for books and projects)

*  closable water bottle for daily use

* 4 STURDY folders 

*  pair of tennis shoes for gym

* 1 wide-ruled composition 

* 1 pack of post-it notes

* 1 box of Ticonderoga pencils

* 1 box of Crayola crayons

*  box of Crayola BOLD markers

* 2 Elmer’s glue sticks 

* 1 pair of child-sized scissors


Classroom Supplies Needed For All To Use: *Optional 

*1 box Kleenex/tissues

*1 pump bottle of hand sanitizer

 *1 roll of white paper towels


*$10 Donation for classroom materials (arts, science, and social studies—Scholastic Newspapers). Please pay by going into Power School and select SmartSchool K12 or make checks payable to Lake Elmo Elementary School.

Print list HERE

stillwater pony head

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